This year at Node Summit, the JS Foundation is excited to be the featured Opening Reception Sponsor. On July 25th, also known as Day Zero, Node Summit provides a limited set of attendees invite-only access to additional talks, workshops and educational sessions, as well as lucrative opportunities to network with the community and thought leaders from the JavaScript ecosystem.

On Day Zero, The JS Foundation will host two half day workshop tracks featuring interesting topics and speakers covering everything from IoT to developer tools to automation and more. As the center of gravity for the Open Source JavaScript Ecosystem, the JS Foundation looks forward to sharing insights about the ongoing development of key JavaScript Solutions and related technologies. We support some of the most depended upon JavaScript projects in the world and foster new projects that represent the innovation layer in the JavaScript ecosystem and are built on top of stable platforms like Node.js, the browser, and beyond. We’ll also be present throughout the event, and attendees will have a chance to visit our booth and interact with board members and representatives from some of our projects.

To join us at Node Summit, head on over to their website and register today! Be sure to use our discounted registration link to get 25% off and register now to increase your chances of getting an invite to Day Zero!

About the JS Foundation:

JavaScript has spread to every corner of software development and at the JS Foundation, we host over 20 projects that span that wide array of use cases. From automation, testing and tooling projects like Appium, ESLint and webpack to IoT-centric projects like JerryScript and Node-RED to everything in between, the JS Foundation exists to support and ensure long-term sustainability of the projects that developers depend on every day to build the applications that connect our world.

You can see all of the projects we support on our website. If you would like to learn more about what we do for our projects or would like to submit an applications for your project to join the JSF, check out our Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) repo on GitHub.


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