We’d like to officially invite you to the new JS Devs Zone!

Here you will find monthly interviews, led by prominent members of the JavaScript Community, that shed light on the wide variety of projects that are an integral part of the JS Foundation.

In our very first episode, community member, Darcy Clarke profiles the JS Foundation’s newest project, sonar. Darcy chats with sonar’s project lead, Anton Molleda Quintana about the history of sonar, which was originally created by the Microsoft Edge team. As they started working on the project, it quickly became apparent that a tool meant to serve the entire web should be built in an openly governed and neutral home, resulting in the decision to join the JS Foundation. sonar is built on top of some of the popular tools you may already be using like ESLint for code linting, aXe for accessibility testing and a number of others.

You can watch the full interview at https://jsdevs.zone/episode0-sonar.

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