New project architect and new members White October Events and Quirky 30 NPC bolster the JS Foundation’s technical offerings, financial support and outreach initiatives

SAN FRANCISCO – July 25, 2017 – We’re excited to announce the newest project to join the JS Foundation, architect. architect is a new way to approach Functions as a Service (FaaS), a.k.a. serverless, development. By defining your application’s architecture in a plain text file, architect allows developers to iterate on their code with a high degree of isolation, configure and provision local and cloud-based infrastructure and deploy applications in seconds with zero downtime, and maintain high-availability regardless of load. “Cloud functions are the future of application development and that future is here,” said Kris Borchers, Executive Director of the JS Foundation. “By eliminating the need for application developers to understand how servers, virtual machines and containers work, they can focus on building more performant and maintainable applications.” architect joins the JS Foundation to help JavaScript developers more easily adopt this shift in the application development paradigm to a cloud functions model. This allows JavaScript developers to design smaller, simpler services and increase their productivity across cloud providers without the need for heavy frameworks.

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Alongside Architect, we’re happy to introduce our two newest members, White October Events and Quirky 30 NPC.

Founded in the summer of 2013, White October Events is a London-based team who design and deliver awesome tech conferences and practical training workshops. They’re behind some of the industry’s favourite conferences, including The Lead Developer, AngularConnect and Render, in the UK and beyond! By joining the JS Foundation, White October Events will further their support of the ever-growing JavaScript community with resources and events for JavaScript developers. “At White October Events, we’re excited to become a member of the JS Foundation as it represents our commitment to supporting open, accessible and sustainable JavaScript solutions and technologies,” said Jo Lankester, Managing Director of White October Events. “As conference organisers, we look forward to working with our fellow members of the JS Foundation and the JavaScript community to host diverse, informative and entertaining events!” We’re excited to welcome them as our newest Silver member and stay tuned for further announcements from the JS Foundation and White October Events.

Quirky 30 NPC was founded by two former inmates to provide individuals with a pathway out of poverty and crime through training in coding, design, and entrepreneurial skills. Quirky 30 NPC’s goal is to to reduce inequality, poverty and criminal activity by providing free training to marginalized groups who have the least access to these types of resources. By joining the JS Foundation, Quirky 30 NPC will continue to provide free and accessible resources to communities that may not otherwise be able to develop the technical skills they need to escape poverty. By formalizing their relationship with the JS Foundation, we hope to help Quirky 30 NPC further their mission and bring JavaScript development skills to anyone willing to learn. We welcome them as our newest Associate member.

Through these three new additions to the JS Foundation, we continue to increase our support throughout the ever-expanding JavaScript ecosystem. Keep an eye out for more great content and announcements from our newest project and members.

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