HospitalRun partners with the JS Foundation to build software that makes electronic medical systems easily accessible to the developing world

HospitalRun LogoSAN FRANCISCO – September 12, 2017 – HospitalRun is free, easy-to-use software for developing world healthcare. Born out of the work of the project’s co-founders while at CURE International, HospitalRun was started in 2014 to address the software needs of thousands of small medical facilities throughout the developing world. Many of these hospitals and clinics struggle to access electronic medical records in low resource environments.

“We see HospitalRun as a unique project where the global open source community, NGO’s, technology companies, and even governments can use modern technology to offer an innovative solution to a healthcare problem affecting millions of people in developing nations,” offered Kris Borchers, Executive Director of the JS Foundation. “Seeing that mission advance as new resources, contributors, and communities learn about the project is why we’re excited to welcome HospitalRun to the JS Foundation.”

The software, built in JavaScript, focuses on helping small medical facilities in developing countries access electronic medical systems. Application features are built for simplicity so that it is easy to use, setup, and administer by non-technical medical staff working in the field where IT professionals aren’t readily available to manage these types of systems.

HospitalRun is a cloud-based, offline-first application meant to function effectively where healthcare workers are visiting and revisiting patients in rural areas with limited connection to the Internet. The application is built on Ember.js with PouchDB on the front-end and Node.js, CouchDB, and ElasticSearch on the back-end. It is deployable using Docker or downloadable as an Electron desktop application.

The project also provides a meaningful way for JavaScript developers to contribute code while advancing their own skills and expertise. Because of the simplicity of the application, substantial contributions can be made quickly and easily, often in less than a day. The technology intentionally leverages an opinionated application framework so that it is easy to work with the code and understand how the project is being managed.

HospitalRun joins the JS Foundation for support and governance to ensure that the software continues to be maintained and developed for long-term sustainability. With promotional support and the goal of full-time project management provided by the JS Foundation, more healthcare professionals in developing countries will have access to the software solutions they need to help millions.

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