SAN FRANCISCO – September 13, 2017 – The latest project to join the JS Foundation is WebdriverIO, an open source testing utility for Node.js. WebdriverIO allows you to easily write Selenium tests with JavaScript in your favorite BDD and TDD frameworks with just a few lines of code. Created by Camilo Tapia, WebdriverIO was the first Selenium client library available on NPM. Now with over 3,000 stars on GitHub, the project joins the JS Foundation to make framework-agnostic Selenium testing simple and accessible for all JavaScript developers.

WebdriverIO sends requests to a Selenium server or browser driver via the WebDriver Protocol and handles the response. The integrated test runner allows you to write asynchronous commands in a synchronous way. Additionally, it manages the Selenium session for you, eliminating any setup work on your end. A variety of hooks allows you to take screenshots of errors, modify test procedures based on results, and integrate tests with 3rd party tools.

The goal of WebdriverIO is to provide developers a framework to run e2e tests on their desktop and mobile applications, while simplifying common problems with e2e testing. “WebdriverIO chose to join the JSF because it is the right step to continue to grow as project and community around test automation,” said Christian Bromann of SauceLabs. The JS Foundation is excited to welcome our newest project, and continue to increase our support of open source development tools within the constantly expanding JavaScript ecosystem.

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