Marko LogoSAN FRANCISCO – October 24, 2017 – Today, the JS Foundation is welcoming its newest project, Marko to the Foundation. Marko is a library for building UI components to simplify web application development and was built by the team at eBay beginning in 2012. Initially created to meet the internal need to support UI components and asynchronous rendering for Node.js applications; Marko is now seeing an average of 200,000 downloads from npm per month, with nearly 20,000 unique Marko pages and UI components within eBay itself.

Architectures based on UI components have become the predominant paradigm for building modern web applications. UI components simplify web application development by providing encapsulation and UI components are typically independently testable. While there are many solutions for building UI components, Marko focuses on minimal boilerplate for users, a lightweight runtime for the browser (around 10kb gzip), async and streaming server-side rendering (under Node.js), and much more.

The Marko team is constantly innovating and closely following industry trends while also focusing on keeping the runtime fast and small. The goal is to help developers quickly create high performance web applications that are maintainable, with a minimal learning curve if they already know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Marko is much more than an HTML templating language and allows developers to utilize the full power of JavaScript within a Marko template.

Marko is now heavily used within eBay and it is also starting to be used by outside companies, startups, government agencies and educational institutions. The Marko ecosystem has continued to grow and Marko is supported in many different IDEs, editors, and services like GitHub provide syntax highlighting for .marko files. The core Marko team has continued to grow and it consists of a mix of eBay employees and outside developers.

“eBay has been a longtime core contributor to open source technology. And, we firmly believe that we should use technology to empower and globally connect people, ” said Patrick Steele-Idem, Principal Engineer at eBay. “By housing Marko under the JS Foundation, we hope more developers will be able to collaborate and contribute to the long-term goals of the project.”   

The JS Foundation will provide support and help the project develop governance for the ongoing maintenance of the project, as well as promotional support to grow the Marko community.

Visit the eBay Tech Blog to see their announcement about Marko joining the JS Foundation.

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