If you believe someone is violating the Code of Conduct we ask that you report it to the JS Foundation by emailing [email protected]. All reports will be kept confidential. This is not a public list and only members of the Code of Conduct Committee will receive the report.

In some cases we may determine that a public statement will need to be made. If that’s the case, the identities of all victims and reporters will remain confidential unless those individuals instruct us otherwise.

If you believe anyone is in physical danger, please notify appropriate law enforcement first

If you are unsure what law enforcement agency is appropriate, please include this in your report and we will attempt to notify them.

In your report please include:

  • Your contact info (so we can get in touch with you if we need to follow up).
  • Names (real, nicknames, or pseudonyms) of any individuals involved. If there were other witnesses besides you, please try to include them as well.
  • When and where the incident occurred. Please be as specific as possible.
  • Your account of what occurred. If there is a publicly available record (e.g. a mailing list archive or a public IRC logger) please include a link. Screenshots can be useful in the case something is edited or deleted before action is taken.
  • Any extra context you believe existed for the incident.
  • If you believe this incident is ongoing.
  • Any other information you believe we should have.

What happens after you file a report?

Reports will receive urgent and immediate attention from the Code of Conduct Committee. Please refer to the Enforcement Manual for the complete information on how reports will be processed. Though normally considered an internal document, it has been published in full in the interest of transparency.


Only permanent resolutions (such as bans) may be appealed. To appeal a decision of the committee, contact the JS Foundation President and Executive Director at [email protected] with your appeal and they will review the case.

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