Domains are logical groupings of projects based on technology, functionality, business sector, or other shared characteristics which allow for the scoping and framing of strategic decisions, brand affinity, and investment across a growing landscape of projects at the Foundation. Foundation Members may choose to associate their membership with one or more Domains (each an “Associated Domain”). By associating their membership with a Domain, a Member may choose to direct up to a certain portion of their membership fees to support that Domain, and may support that Domain and take on a more significant role in the ecosystem by participation in the Strategy Council for that Domain.


Each discrete Domain has certain features, including:

  • A Strategy Council comprised of Member and Project representatives in charge of strategic planning around budget, marketing, community engagement, etc.
  • A dedicated web presence and community on the Foundation website
  • Dedicated investment in support and outreach initiatives from the Foundation, including marketing campaigns, events, and support staff
  • Targeted outreach to industry and technology segments across Foundation web properties, projects, and outbound marketing communications
  • Partnerships with industry organizations including standards bodies, open source projects, and companies active in the relevant market


Domains drive further sustainability for JS Foundation Projects by providing benefits to Projects and Member organizations like:

  • Building brand association and affinity in the market and open source JavaScript ecosystem
  • Providing more opportunities for focused collaboration between a Project, Members, industry organizations, and other related Projects
  • Opportunities for Members to direct membership fees to targeted groups of Projects and for those Projects to be able to use funding for increased community engagement through marketing, events, developer relations, etc
  • Potential focused support staff for marketing, community management, infrastructure support, project management, etc (funds permitting)