The JS Foundation is governed by two branches which separate business and technical decisions. The Board of Directors leads the business branch and is composed of member representatives as well as a representative from the Technical Advisory Committee. The technical branch of governance handles all technical aspects of the Foundation, independent of the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BoD) serves as the business guiding branch of governance and as such, they tackle tasks and decisions involving topics like marketing, legal, fundraising, and other business driving topics. They also define the strategic direction for the Foundation and set policies and procedures to enable the Foundation to work toward those strategic goals. The BoD also appoints officers who handle the administrative functions of the board such as scheduling and presiding over meetings (President), taking of minutes (Secretary), budgetary oversight (Treasurer) and other functions as necessary.

Andy Smith
Platinum Director
Daniel Appelquist
Platinum Director
Matthew Lancaster
Gold Director
Stefan Thomas
Silver Director
Dave Methvin
TAC Chair

Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is responsible for ensuring that collaboration is the driving principle within the JS Foundation, its Projects, between JS Foundation Projects and the broader community. The TAC is also responsible for admitting new projects to the mentorship program as well as graduating projects from the mentorship program. The TAC will serve as the JS Foundation’s primary technical liaison body with external open source projects, consortiums and standards bodies. The TAC Chair sits on the Board of Directors and provides a conduit for communication between the business and technical governing bodies within the JS Foundation.

Dave Methvin
Youngil Choi
Member Rep (Samsung)
Carlos Santana
Member Rep (IBM)
Jonathan Lipps
Project Rep (Appium)
Ilya Volodin
Project Rep (ESLint)
Jory Burson
Community Rep
Brian Kardell
Community Rep


The Board also appoints an Executive Director (ED) to run the Foundation on a day-to-day basis. The ED is tasked with contributing to the strategic initiatives set out by the Board, implementing those initiatives and then reporting back on their success. The ED has the authority, within the boundaries of the current budget, to hire staff and contractors or partner with other organizations to advance the Foundation toward its goals. The ED reports to the President of the Board with additional oversight and input from the full Board.

Kris Borchers
Executive Director

As Executive Director of the JS Foundation, Kris works to further build and strengthen relationships with and between some of the largest corporations and most creative individuals that are using, creating and sharing open source technology and is taking the Foundation's reach far beyond the browser and into projects spanning server technologies, IoT and beyond.

Kris has done everything from managing university websites to leading a team of engineers to running a consulting business. That experience combined with Master of Applied Computer Science and MBA degrees gives him the ability to drive strategy and build business relationships while still being able to interact with and empower technical leadership to drive an organizations open source strategy.

Kaitlyn Barnard
Marketing Manager

Kaitlyn is an Integrated Marketing Specialist at The Linux Foundation, focused on developer outreach, and awareness and adoption of technologies across the JavaScript ecosystem.

Prior to joining The Linux Foundation, Kaitlyn worked as a Community Manager, specializing in developer experience and marketing for open source projects at Stormpath (now Okta). She worked to build Stormpath’s developer following through community events and technical inbound marketing initiatives. She holds a BBA with a concentration in Marketing from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Zibby Keaton
PR Manager

Zibby is a public relations manager at The Linux Foundation. She helps support the communication efforts for the Node.js Foundation, JS Foundation and Xen Project.

Prior to joining The Linux Foundation, Zibby worked for several boutique public relations firms that specialized in both enterprise and consumer tech. She's managed media relations, analyst relations, social media and content strategy for a number of open source projects, startups, and Fortune 100 companies. She holds a BA in advertising and art history from the University of Oregon. She's still waiting to coin a marketing buzz word.