Today we are excited to announce the latest project to join the JS Foundation is sonar, a linting tool for the web. The concept for sonar was originally created by the Microsoft Edge team. As they started working on the project, it quickly became apparent that a tool meant to serve the entire web should be built in an openly governed and neutral home, which is why they have come to the JS Foundation.

sonar is built on top of some of the popular tools you may already be using like ESLint for code linting, aXe for accessibility testing and a number of others. By leveraging existing tools and communities, sonar hopes to bring more awareness to the use of those projects and further promote the collaborative environment they are building around sonar itself.

Again, we are extremely excited to kick off this new project at the JS Foundation, and hope you will get involved and help improve the web! For more information about sonar and to keep up with the latest developments within the project, check out the sonar website, their GitHub repo and follow them on Twitter at @narwhalnellie. Welcome sonar and our newest friend, Nellie the Narwhal!

About the JS Foundation
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